Note: Due to the COVID-19 we do not know for sure when or where the next facilitator training will be held

but you are still welcome to apply and you will receive more information as soon as possible.


The KAP Facilitator Training is a 5 day in person training

 with a bonus 5 month online followup of supervision and continued transmissions.


Apart from being the deepest and most intensive training that Venant offers for your own spiritual growth & physical embodiment of this transmission, Venant will also be training your system to be a transmission vehicle for this energy. You will be a transmitter/conduit for this energy.


The intention of this training is to prepare participants to facilitate KAP open classes & private sessions. However, participants may also attend purely for the purpose of their own spiritual growth, as the process of learning to transmit this energy is also the best way to strengthen its flow.


About 1/4 people gets approved to this training as a certain level of sensitivity is required.

It is necessary to have done a KAP class with an accredited KAP facilitator before you apply and have their recommendation. 

A good level of comprehension of the English language is also required.

Price: 6990 USD

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